Weddings are unlike any experience that we have catered to in our industry. As a provider of transportation for these events we realized very early on that we must be the transportation and coordinator at the same time. One can’t function without the other. When providing transportation our staff is trained to use our knowledge of traffic and inconsistencies of travel throughout the day in order to ensure that your time frame is correct. Allowing top little time to safely get to your next location can open a whole world of issues that we avoid at all costs. Allow us the honor of planning your wedding experience and making sure that this day goes perfectly for you and your future spouse. We preach at every meeting that there are some events that don’t have do-over. You can’t marry your spouse a second time. It happens once and must be perfect. Unlike any other event this is as one shot as it gets which raises the level of care and attention to detail that is needed. LB Limousine treats every event as if there is no do-over, and by doing that we ensure that every event is perfect just like your wedding day will be.

TIP: Ask your vendors on some advice regarding their field of expertise. See if they put in the time and enthusiasm you are looking to be involved with your event. If answers are hard to come by, no interest is shown, or they just don’t know then it is best to find a different vendor.