Airport Car Service

Our company and staff are all very aware of the anxiety and stress that comes with airport travel. We have all heard stories of missed flights, cancelled flights, and delayed flights. With live monitoring and experienced planning from our staff at LB Limousine you can rest assured that none of these stories will become your reality. When you are being picked up by our service to go to the airport, you want to know we are on location 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time. This gives our clients the peace of mind that we are not going to be on time which is considered late in our book, but we are outside waiting for you and not the other way around. More importantly, when you land at LAX, we will be waiting for you. All clients receive texts when they land which allows the chauffeur to make contact and introduce themselves. As travelers ourselves, that simple text provides a relief like no other. Seeing a smiling face on the other side of a long flight is priceless, and that is what we look to achieve on every trip we have the pleasure of catering to. Trust our staff at LB Limousine to make your airport transfers as seamless and comfortable as possible.

TIP: When it comes to car service than your best research you can do is to look at past reviews. Companies in the Los Angeles and surrounding cities do many airport trips per month which leads to many reviews from clients. We don’t suggest judging a tree off one bad apple but you can generally get a good feel for what to expect by reading through some reviews before making a decision.

Car Service

LB Limousine has been perfecting the car service industry since 2005. Los Angeles has been and always will be a prosperous and flourishing area in the world. By identifying key elements of frustration that our clients have experienced in the past, we have committed to making sure they never have to deal with them again. The key priority of any car service should be reliability and honesty. Our staff is trained to understand that it is better to close down and stay honest, then prosper in deceit. Life is about putting her head down on a pillow at night and knowing you helped people who in turn helped you succeed in your goals.

Our chauffeurs have studied the Greater Los Angeles area to make sure that we know the areas that we are going to service before your requested service. We are trained at the office and on the road to check delays constantly, plan pickups and drop offs based on live maps of the area in order to avoid any confusion on our part.

Our well dressed and courteous staff have transferred tens of thousands of clients throughout the years and have built a connection with the industry in order to take a need, simplify it, and then spice it up with some luxury to top it off. Our car service is striving to be the best there is around. Not taking our client’s trust for granted is the first step in a long continuous grind to be a figure in the industry that others can follow.

TIP: Car services are usually reserved for very time sensitive and important events. Movie premieres, airport transfers, and meetings are among the most frequent events where a car service is reserved. Read reviews on the companies you want to consider as those will give you an idea of what to expect. If you are reserving for someone else you want to be making sure that you have chosen a company that will make you look good.

Concerts & Sporting Events

Throughout our time and dedication in this industry we have realized that Sporting Events are a great escape from our daily lives. LB Limousine has provided our services to every venue in the Greater Los Angeles area, and have branched out to Orange County as well. What we have learned throughout the years is that some venues require us to park and wait for our clients to come to us after the event rather than us finding them. Some venues are organized and finding each other is not an issue, but others can turn an amazing night into a nightmare. The Rose Bowl or Dodger Stadium are great examples of venues where there is no feasible way for us to find you through the swarm of tens of thousands of guests leaving the event at the same time.

When venues like this are reserved, we request the client either pay for parking for the vehicle, or that we purchase and bill the account for the parking. Prior to this change we would sometimes spend a couple of hours navigating the traffic and communicating with clients who were just as lost as we were in order to find each other. Those couple of hours would have been saved if the client just knew where we had parked. That is also the main reason that there is no one way drop offs for certain venues such as these. A drop off at Rose Bowl can take 30 minutes once near the venue, or it can sometimes take a couple of hours. This by no means suggests that all venues are like this. Staples Center, Honda Center, Hollywood Bowl and others would be perfectly fine without parking.

TIP: When reserving a limo/party bus/car service for this type of event, be sure you go through the policies of the company in order to see what you are actually being charged for. A one-way drop-off can end up being as much as an hourly reservation. Our staff at LB Limousine will advise you to go with an hourly service, and will sometimes require parking to be purchased in order for a reservation to be accepted. We would rather you know exactly what your cost is going in then surprise you with hours of wait time while we are waiting in a swarm of vehicles to drop you off or pick you up from your event.