Limo Service

Our staff at LB Limousine has spent many years understanding the limo industry. As a newer company you are not able to purchase the newest of limousines, and are usually learning through mistakes. We learned early on that the way you handle and correct these mistakes is what will ensure the survival and growth of your service. The goal for every limo service is to keep clients as happy as possible until you have an all new fleet so that breakdowns and errors with the systems within a limo service are prevented.

We are proud to say that after many years of taking care of our clients to the best of our ability, we have been able to upgrade our fleet to include only the newest of models. Stretch limos are a staple of the Los Angeles area and they represent a luxury in life that should be a memorable experience to any that are able to reserve this type of vehicle. Our limo service covers any part of Los Angeles and then branches out to the neighboring counties as well in order to reach more clients that are looking to share their joys in life with us. Limos can be used from anything from airport service to birthdays and weddings. We cater to all occasions with our stretch limos and maintain them daily. Is this your first time renting a limo service? Call us today and let us set your mind at ease by helping plan and organize your day so there is no guessing on times and locations.

TIP: Read reviews on companies before booking any service. If you choose a reputable company than you can rest assured that honesty is a part of their business model. Asking questions about cancellation policy, number of hours needed, and how overtime hours are billed is essential. Generally, overtime should be billed in 30-minute increments with a 15-minute grace period for each charge. That means if you go over by 15 minutes, you shouldn’t be charged a full 30. Most importantly, if you go into overtime by 15 minutes, you should definitely not be charged for the full hours. These may not seem important before you are charged, but they definitely will be once you see your bill.