About LB Limo

This is Our Family Business, We take it to Heart.

Vaz Yeromian had a vision of creating a business centered around customer service ever since he could remember.  In late 2003, while attending a family member’s wedding, his son was told that there was not enough room in the limo for him to be a part of the wedding party (there clearly was).  Being a child, his youngest son was hurt that he was not able to ride with his cousins, and spent the whole night wondering what it felt like to be in that limo.  Once Vaz saw the hurt in his son, he decided that the business that he would poor his heart out into would be none other than a limousine service.  So in 2004, LB Limousine, Inc. was created and nurtured into what it is today…the #1 limousine service in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

We believe that for anything to be recognized as the best, you must stand by it and spend each waking minute getting the word out through your service that you are not in this business only for the money, or to pass by time, but to ultimately be viewed as the most reliable service within this industry.  After 13 years we continue to tend to our clients from first contact to last as a family, and do everything in our power to ensure satisfaction through every event.  We don’t believe in treating you like “just another client” and we don’t believe in taking shortcuts for short gains.  We believe in honesty and reliability day in and day out, 7/365.

I myself, Patrick Yeromian, have believed in my father’s vision from day 1, and look to further this service through to the next generation, and to ultimately show that a good heart goes a long way.  People sometimes are caught off guard by us answering the phones, sending our clients their confirmations, or even when we are there on the day of your event, but rest assured that our vision has not been completed.  We will continue to work towards perfection, and with the help of our clients hope to get the word out of what true honesty and reliability can get you in life.

As Walt Disney so perfectly put it “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends” when following his dreams of creating what is known today all around the world as Disneyland.